We Can't Hoard Our Way Out of This

May 13, 2020

Are you all ZOOMED out?

Check out my recent interview on the new web-series ZOOM IN.

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Here's Where A Few People Are Making Investments This Week

Apr 03, 2020

Question: Should you stop investing?

For the answer, check out a real story from this week:

A client of mine asked me to stop their monthly deposits into their investment account. But not for the reason you're thinking. He said: "Right now I’m finding my most fruitful investments are encouraging the grocery store clerks and the folks who are worried about the current situation. Lot’s of folks having trouble finding peace, so the mission field is ripe, and it only takes a willingness to share a kind word and an expression of appreciation to make a small difference."

This guy is a real life hero. I would bet you'd agree he's not just making a small difference, but a BIG one. This is a normal family with 4 young kids. They have every reason to keep investing for their own future. But instead, they're investing in someONE instead of someTHING.

They're choosing to Reinvest HOPE rather than Reinvest FEAR.

As you video chat with family, co-workers, and friends...Are you...

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Bad News Is All There Is

Mar 17, 2020

I was talking with friend yesterday who said, "It's all bad news out there. There isn't any good news at all. Not even on the horizon." Although I know what he said isn't true, there's a lot of you thinking that way right now. The concerns around COVID-19 have been rising for some time, as a country, we have taken serious precautions to stop the spreading of the virus, and it has thrown a lot of us off our routine. But it is in these times, it's important to spread hope. 

I went out and compiled 4 quick stories to give you hope today. 4 stories of people spreading hope, by using their unique abilities to meet the needs of others without any tangible benefit for themselves, just the benefit of seeing others experience generosity.

I don't mean to make light of the current struggles that we all have. But I do mean to add levity, light, and joy that we can all have in the midst of uncertainty.

Check these out:

A young basketball star, pays tribute to his...

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I'm going to tell you about the best and cheapest investment that I ever made. And how I lost it all.

Jul 24, 2019

Here's what happened.

My favorite donut shop is a good 45-minute drive from my house. I go out of my way to stop by Spunky Dunkers in Palatine, IL whenever I can. You know the donuts are good because:

  1. They don’t have a website.
  2. No two donuts look the same. They’re like snowflakes.

No alt text provided for this image

On one particular day last summer, I had a client meeting close by, so I made a morning stop for a donut and coffee. As I was about third in line, the cashier announced to the short line of customers:

“Our credit card machine is down right now, we’re only taking cash.”

The guy in front of me didn’t take the news that well.

“What? Are you serious?” he said so that we could all hear. I looked in my wallet. I had about $10 in cash. I tapped him on the shoulder.

“What were you gonna order?” I asked him.

“A donut and coffee” he said, frustrated.

"Well it's your lucky day," I said. "I never carry cash. I've gotcha...

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