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Mar 12, 2021

Ever think about what makes you tick?

No, not what makes you “ticked” -- that’s too easy.

For me, it’s when my kids leave the lights on in their bedrooms. I guess that means I have officially become a dad (in case having 4 kids doesn’t automatically qualify me).

Seriously, though. 

Do you ever think about what you were created to do? 

Who you’re really meant to be?

Good news. I learned something this week that I think I can help. Let's start with these two claims:

  1. You are wired for generosity.
  2. You can activate this wiring and live a rich, meaningful life.

Or you can choose to ignore this wiring and choose a life of materialism. And according to a recent article “This is your brain on generosity”, you’ll experience more stress, disease, and shame. 

Ouch. Hang with me here, not trying to be harsh. None of us want that, which is hopefully obvious.

But if we look at our spending habits, our calendar events,...

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