Bad News Is All There Is

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2020

I was talking with friend yesterday who said, "It's all bad news out there. There isn't any good news at all. Not even on the horizon." Although I know what he said isn't true, there's a lot of you thinking that way right now. The concerns around COVID-19 have been rising for some time, as a country, we have taken serious precautions to stop the spreading of the virus, and it has thrown a lot of us off our routine. But it is in these times, it's important to spread hope. 

I went out and compiled 4 quick stories to give you hope today. 4 stories of people spreading hope, by using their unique abilities to meet the needs of others without any tangible benefit for themselves, just the benefit of seeing others experience generosity.

I don't mean to make light of the current struggles that we all have. But I do mean to add levity, light, and joy that we can all have in the midst of uncertainty.

Check these out:

A young basketball star, pays tribute to his “team” -- the employees who run the arena, by covering their salaries for the next 30 days.

A church in suburban Chicago, partnered with a local elementary school to provide supplies to those in need during 3 weeks off from school. (by the way, they were also giving out toilet paper -- SO smart)

A celebrity chef closes his restaurants, is working on transforming them into community kitchens, and serves a quarantined Cruise Ship.

Father of 4 kids, who are at home doing “E-learning” for 2 weeks, gets up, takes a shower, and dresses in “work clothes” by 9:00 am.

Ok, ok. Maybe that's too much. But seriously, though. The battle for some people is health-related. For some it’s financial. And for a lot of us thrown off our routine, it’s mental.

What good news have you heard this week? Are you choosing carefully to mix that in when talking with friends, family, and co-workers?

And what about those who are around you? What can you do this week using your unique abilities in the service of others?

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